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The Do’s & Don’ts of Hosting your own Super Bowl Party

Jessica Strople

Before we get started – let me be clear that I am no Super Bowl Party Pro – or football fanatic. However, when your boyfriend is dead-set on having all his buddies over to watch the big game – it’s hard to say no.

This year we (successfully!) threw our first Super Bowl party. Here are a few things we learned for next year.

1. Do a trial run ahead of time. Since our condo is too small to host 30 people – we rented out the party room in our building. A great space complete with a fridge, microwave and huge projector screen. Unfortunately – we missed the first quarter while trying to get the game to play on the screen. The girls were busy chatting but you could tell the guys were seriously stressed.

Eventually we got it to work – however, next time we will be sure to do many test runs before game time.

2. Start preparing well in advance. This party was by no means a last minute endeavor. We first decided we would be hosting in November. For the week leading up to the party – we did tons of grocery shopping, always coming up with new things we needed. The day of – we got up early to start cooking the feast. Between wings, jalapeno poppers and football-shaped cookies, we stayed busy.

Also, keep in mind liquor stores & grocery stores close early on Sundays – so make sure you get there before closing time!

3. Make a lot of food – and then some. Just when you think you’ve made enough food – make some more. Everyone loves to snack while they’re watching the game and our finger foods disappeared very quickly. We had back up pizzas upstairs which we threw in the oven once we started seeing empty trays. Just to give you an idea of the food consumption:

50 jalapeno poppers – Gone.
3-layer cheese dip with nachos – Gone.
25 samosas – Gone.
30 meatballs – Gone.
2 pizzas – Gone.

Needless to say – nobody left hungry.

4. Your guests don’t have to be football fiends to enjoy a good party. Although we definitely had some die-hard football fans attend, we also had a few asking “how many innings in a game?” which gave the guys a good laugh. For those who don’t follow football - they still loved watching Katy Perry during the halftime show and the heartwarming commercials.

5. Sit back, relax, and have a great time! Even though we had a few technical difficulties – once that was figured out we were able to eat, drink and relax with our friends. Once all is said and done – enjoy your party & cheering for your favourite team.