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Brand Ambassadors, Influencers & Spokespeople

Emily Kett

Brand Ambassadors, Influencers & Spokespeople

As communications professionals and the curators of brand stories, it’s our job to ensure that we identify people who will best represent our clients’ brands and the stories we tell. When appropriate, we may recommend partnering with actors, athletes, socialites and social media influencers as the spokesperson, er... narrator of our story.

The perfect partnership should be mutually beneficial. Ideally, the spokesperson humanizes the brand – they embody the key messages and see the partnership as an opportunity to share the brand’s messaging in a holistic and genuine way. It is important for the spokesperson to fully buy into the brand; if they don’t, the collaboration risks seeming inauthentic – and the consumer will see through the campaign.

In addition to authenticity, finding an appropriate match is equally as important. Just because someone genuinely believes in your brand doesn’t mean they will be a great fit. The partnership has to make sense to your demographic, because the last thing you want to do is recommend someone who won’t connect with your most loyal consumers.

Not every brand has the budget to afford professional athletes and Hollywood movie stars, so what makes a good influencer on a smaller scale? We still look for authenticity and appropriation, but we also take into consideration a number of other things, including reach, credentials, experience in traditional and digital spaces and schedule.

Some partnerships that make sense for both parties and which are great fits (in my opinion) are listed below: • Steph Curry for Under Armour – He was the underdog and didn’t receive any scholarships from major NCAA schools. Now he is the reigning MVP and on track to break records this season. Under Armour is also the underdog – this partnership makes sense. Both are about evolving and proving growth. • Jennifer Aniston for Aveeno – She’s the girl next door, the one who has perfect skin and hair; a real natural beauty. Aveeno wants to be known for their natural ingredients that offer simple and effective results. This partnership makes sense because Jennifer has mentioned how she prefers to have a minimalist beauty regime.

Not every partnership is perfect. Here are a couple that I have found more unusual choices: Adrian Brody for Bulgari and Alicia Keys for Blackberry. What do you think of these choices?